TCRC Member Paul Boucher’s brother Marc and his brother’s wife Denise started this event in 2008 as a benefit for a close friend of his who had pancreatic cancer.  The Friend’s name was Larry; hence we came up with the name Larrypalooza.


Larry loved to play music

Larry was a bass player who loved to play music so Marc wanted to give him one last chance to play in front of a big crowd of friends before he passed away, as well as raise money for him to cover expenses from not working.

This year was the 10th Larrypalooza.  Each year it has grown from approximately 125 people to over 400 people with only word of mouth for advertising.  After the first event, a committee was created which consists of friends, Marc, Denise, and Paul.  Everyone on the committee has a different role and responsibility. Pauls’ rolle on the Committee is and has been to provide all the sound equipment including the setup and tear down of such.

Each year, a different individual is chosen from the Quinte area who has terminal cancer.  At least half of the events have been in honour children.  All the money raised, after expenses, is given to that individual to do with as they choose.  No monies are given as pay to any of the volunteers, including the bands.

The event is held on Marc’s property north of Frankford Ontario where they have built a permanent stage in the cow pasture next to his house.  Anyone who attends can setup a trailer or tent for the weekend.  We also have taxis arranged to come by on a regular basis and a group who takes you and your vehicle home.  They both donate a portion of their proceeds to the charity.

The event starts on the Saturday at 12:00 with the bands commencing at 14:00.  The last band starts anywhere from 22:00 to midnight depending on the number of acts and play until whenever they want to finish. 

There are also horse shoe pits and a sand volleyball area.

They have 50/50 draws, door prizes, t-shirt and hat sales, as well as other prizes where tickets are sold to raise money.  We also provide a roast on a bun meal that is cooked on a spit all day.  Salads and corn included. 

The original ticket price to attend was $25.00 but has been $30.00 for the past couple of years.  A pretty good deal for camping, bands all day and night, and a meal. Total monies raised to date is just under $100,000.00

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