Christmas in July Event

2nd Annual Christmas in July Event, put on by Jasper’s Common Connections Mental Health Program

TCRC National President Paul Boucher and Vice President Ryan Finnson attended the 2nd Annual Christmas in July event in Jasper, AB organized by the CN Common Connections Mental Health Program. The program ( was started by Jasper TCRC members whose mission “is to create a Common Connection with fellow employees; our Level 1, 2 and 3 volunteers work to build this bond by bringing people together, generating friendships and building trust; if we feel someone is struggling, we connect with them, we relate with them, and we support them so that we can build each other back up.”

On Friday July 21st a monument to fallen Brothers and Sisters was dedicated, which was made possible through the hard work of the program’s volunteers and local businesses.

On July 22nd the Christmas in July event took place with several activities provided for employees, their families and the public. A car show, children’s rides, tours, and a dunk tank were all very successful with President Boucher being dunked in the ice water for the enjoyment of the cheering crowd. Other TCRC bodies were represented as well, including CP CTY West, CN CTY West and the Alberta and BC Legislative Boards. Teamsters Local 362 provided their promotional truck and the MC skills of Brother Stacy Tulp.

The TCRC commends the initiatives taken by Division 898 volunteers. Their dedication to supporting fellow employees and mental health awareness is a model for our entire organization. Special thanks to Cheyenne Lakatos, David McKay and their entire team for the hard work and making the TCRC feel welcome in Jasper!

Thank you Jasper!