TCRC Bylaws

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is in regards to the changes made to the TCRC Bylaws by the elected Delegates while in session during the September 2014 TCRC Quadrennial Convention.

2014 TCRC Bylaws as updated

In February 2015 we advanced the eight modifications made by the Delegates to IBT General President Hoffa for final review and approval as required by the Constitution. Within that review process a conflict was identified which caused final approval to be delayed. IBT General President Hoffa suggested an equitable solution to the situation that was placed before the TCRC Executive Board for their review and handling. To be consistent with the intentions and actions of the 2014 Delegates, the Executive Board approved the suggested change to the Bylaws to avoid the conflict identified by the IBT General President. Therefore, an additional change has been made to the Bylaws, which is in addition to those made by the Delegates while in session. Special Representative has been removed from Bylaws Section 7(j), and Section 7(h) has been deleted in its entirety.

Attached is an electronic copy of the updated and approved TCRC Bylaws in both official languages. Printed copies will be distributed in due course to each Division, General Committee office, and Provincial Legislative Board Office.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this delay. The TCRC Bylaws have now received full authorization and approval in their entirety.

Sincerely and in Solidarity,

Douglas Finnson
President TCRC

cc : TCRC Executive Board

Published: June 4th 2015 | Source: Douglas Finnson - President TCRC