Secretary Treasurer & GST

Welcome to Secretary Treasurer and GST This site is dedicated to the Secretary-Treasurers and GST and contains the tools necessary to perform your work as ST and GST.


S/t Download

We have tried to make all necessary forms and files easy to work with (interactive). You will be able to fill the forms by computer and send them by email. This will reduce delays between receiving the money for the dues and paying the different offices including Divisions and it will make it closer to a paperless system.


GST download

A new report was design for GST. This report was design to help GST in their monthly task and to facilitate the work of the different offices (TCRC, NLB, PLB and GCA) in receiving forms that are the same for everyone. We are aware that every GST have their own ways of performing their task due to the way it was done in the past, No forms were available for GST. So this is the reason why the TCRC is trying to accomodate you and at the same time ease the way the monthly report are done for everyone.