ST Download

In order to simplify the way that Secretary interact with there GST and the different office, We have made some changes in the ways to fill out the monthly reports (there could be some change in the futur to adjust). Here are some explanation on the latest modification. 


Saving files

Save these forms in your computer, when you are ready to fill your report, open the form, save it as ex. March 2005 report and fill it. When you click on the Download excel files you will be prompt to open or save the file; you have to select the option save and then select where you want the form to be save in your computer.

After the report is finished save that monthly report and you can send them by email, mail or fax to your GST.

Note: The GST must receives all copies and forms filled.  

This excell workbook contains the Member status report, TCRC, NLB, PLB and GCA remittance forms all in one. You just have to follow the instructions and fill out the member status report and the other forms will be fill automatically.