TCRC National Newsletter


As 2020 comes to an end, we are looking ahead to 2021 and the promise of vaccines to hopefully end this pandemic and bring back some sense of normality to our lives. In the interim we continue to stress the importance of following the provincial and federal health guidelines to stay safe and healthy through this holiday season. 


As the predicted second wave of the COVID pandemic is now upon us, I trust that all of you have taken the necessary precautions and continue with the Health Canada recommendations to keep yourselves, your families and your communities safe and healthy. The TCRC continues to work together at all levels of our organization to protect our membership during this time and minimize the spread and impact of the pandemic. We have had some success in working together with the rail carriers, although we may not agree on every point, the common understanding is the importance of protecting our members. Although some of the rail carriers have relaxed the pandemic protocols (to our dismay), we will continue fighting to mitigate the risks to our member’s health and safety. Recently, with the input from CN General Chairs, we composed a letter to the CEO of CN expressing our concerns with adding additional crew members in locomotive cabs. Please feel free to read our letter and the response received on the TCRC website. 

July 2020

A message from the President

Since the last newsletter, the TCRC has suffered two tragic accidents. It is with heavy heart that I express our deepest condolences for the loss of two Brothers in British Columbia, one in Thornton yard and the other at Ridley Island. Further information is contained within the newsletter. I trust that all of you have taken the necessary precautions and continue with the Health Canada recommendations to keep yourselves, your families and your communities safe and healthy during this pandemic. The TCRC has worked together at all levels to protect our membership during this time, greatly minimizing the spread and impact of the pandemic.

March 2020

A message from the President

The last few months have proven to be very challenging for the membership as well as your Union Officers at all levels of our organization. We are working together as a collective to try and mitigate the ramifications of the blockades and now the COVID-19 pandemic on our membership. As we anticipate the dangers of this virus escalating, we have tried to ensure that the health and safety of our members is protected and to reduce the economic impact as much as possible. I ask that each and every one of you take the necessary precautions to protect yourselves, your family, co-workers and communities during this time.

December 2019

A message from the President

It’s been a very interesting past few months. This letter contains the latest updates on the work/rest rules, information on the Canada Labour Code changes as well as reports and information from around the TCRC.

The Federal election was held in October resulting in a Liberal Minority Government. As a result of extensive lobbying efforts in conjunction with Teamsters Canada the government was convinced to let the bargaining process for the CN CTY play out. The Liberal’s resistance to convene parliament and enact back to work legislation was extremely helpful to our negotiating team, who’s hard work resulted in a tentative agreement. The support and solidarity within the TCRC was integral throughout this strike and I want to thank all the members for their strength and commitment to Our Union. Our Sisters and Brothers in the USW, Unifor, BLET and many other Unions from across North America sent messages of encouragement and solidarity during the strike, it was truly inspiring. Never in my career have I ever witnessed the degree of public support we experienced, it seems our voice was heard throughout Canada and beyond.

September 2019

A message from the President

As the upcoming Federal election quickly approaches, our current government is scrambling to show the labour sector that the Liberals are working diligently on our behalf. Many of you may question why Minister Garneau has ordered the railways to resubmit their update to the work/rest rules as opposed to Transport Canada moving ahead and creating the mandated update internally (see article below). Coincidentally, ESDC (Labour Canada) is currently working on updating Part 3 of the Canada Labour Code which may also affect our members (see article below). Ideally, we would have liked to finish dealing with the work/rest rules and subsequently deal with the Part 3 updates after.

June 2019

A message from the President
The past five months have been a tremendous challenge dealing with both the accomplishments and tragedies our Union has experienced.

Our VP Dave McCulloch and myself attended the funeral services for our Brothers who perished in the Field British Columbia accident. A short update on the Field catastrophe is contained in the body of this newsletter.

On a positive note, we have some new members who elected to join our Union. Please join me in welcoming our new TCRC members from Huron Central Railway and Bombardier Edmonton. I also wish to acknowledge the organizing efforts of Sister Hasulo and Brother Lowe.

February 2020

A message from the President

On January 11th, 2019 the membership chose to elect me, Lyndon Isaak, as their National President, Brother Dave McCulloch as the Vice-President and Brother Christopher Friesen as the Secretary-Treasurer of the TCRC. It is a humbling experience when you consider the enormous responsibility and expectations that come with these positions but we pledge to do our best to make the changes necessary to our Union in order to rebuild the faith and interest of the membership.