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CP draws fire for using managers

“This is not the kind of job where you can just stick someone from a desk job into it. It’s the whole operating environment of what you’re dealing with.”

CP’s use of managers to run trains has raised alarms at Canada’s rail-safety investigator, the Transportation Safety Board, which has said that railway managers are not as well trained and have less experience and track familiarity than do unionized crew members. 

CP cuts executive perks

In a regulatory filing, the Calgary-based company says it will place greater emphasis on safety and operating income to incentivize executives.

Trudeau Budget 

Teamsters are satisfied with the Trudeau government’s second budget, which continues on the path laid out in the previous budget. 


Hunter Harrison’s legacy

In just a few years, Hunter Harrison turned a lagging railway into an industry leader. He slashed costs, tripled profit and made a fortune for shareholders. But the overhaul came at a price. Crews walked out over working conditions and managers found themselves driving freight trains.

Lessard Resignation  

Laval, March 17, 2017 — Last Wednesday, Influence Communication announced that the storm that paralyzed Quebec was one of the most publicized news in the last 48 hours. Authorities were well aware that the situation on Quebec roads would be difficult once the storm began.


Together we will continue to fight for the rights of workers through the legislative framework in Canada, through the negotiated Agreements in place.

Bursary Program

The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference National Bursary Program is available to the spouse, child or grandchild of an active TCRC Member.

Hoffa Scholarship

This year, the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund distributed $1.2 million in scholarship awards to the sons and daughters of Teamsters.

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