Darren “Moose” Murley Family Fund

Our Sisters & Brothers at CP in Edmonton have created a fund for Brother Darren “Moose” Murley and his family. Brother Murley has recently been diagnosed with stage four lymphoma cancer. Please read the below message from the members in Edmonton.

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A family man, a father to three little boys & A Fiancé

Darren “Moose” Murley Family"Hello everyone, our good friend Darren “Moose” Murley has been recently diagnosed with stage four lymphoma cancer which has made its way throughout different spots of Darren’s body.

We started a donation fund at work, but wanted to share it with everyone on Facebook to hopefully reach more railroaders, friends and family. Darren is a family man, he is a father to three little boys and is currently engaged to his fiancé.

Darren is a conductor for Canadian Pacific Railway in Edmonton, AB, and is truly apart of the brother and sisterhood that we all strive for and stand behind. Darren’s diagnosis has come very sudden and touched many of our hearts at work and with our families. We’re hoping by sharing this throughout Facebook that we will be able to raise funds to help support Darren, his three boys and fiancé while they go through one of the hardest times in their life. Darren is a great father, brother, and the biggest gentle giant you would ever get to meet.

Darren always talks about all the projects he’s working on to provide the best life his family deserves. Please if you are able to, no matter how big or small of a donation you can make, let’s help out one of our brothers. Keep Darren in your prayers, he’s one of strongest guys we know, we know you can do this pal, we all love you!"

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