Collective Bargaining

Sisters & Brothers, This page is dedicated to providing TCRC members updates during negotiations. Updates will be posted here as they become available.

2019 CN Conductor Train-person Yard-person

Letter from President L Isaak (CN CTY Tentative Agreement) 
Finally, and most importantly I want to acknowledge the contribution of our entire membership. To our members that do not belong to the CN CTY, but chose to join the picket lines in support, Thank you! To our CN members who picketed night and day, your strength and solidarity was paramount in this round of bargaining. The media interviews by the Division officers and strike captains were incredible, Bravo! I’m immensely proud of all our TCRC members, your hard work was truly inspirational. 
CN Negotiation Update 15
26 November 2019 - Brothers and Sisters;Your Union Negotiating Committee is happy to announce negotiations of a Memorandum of Settlement has been concluded. We will forward the details as quickly as possible.
Return to Work Protocol
The parties agree to an orderly return to work of employees on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 06:00 local start time in each location, and recognizing the employees must report fir and well rested, the parties that information as to their excepted time of call, or their expected on duty time, must be made available to the employees in advance so they can properly prepare for their return to work.
Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement with CN, Ending Strike 
Montréal, November 26, 2019 – After a weeklong strike, the Teamsters and Canadian National (CN) have reached a tentative agreement to renew the collective agreement for over 3,000 conductors, trainpersons and yard workers. 

Normal operations at CN will resume tomorrow at 0600 local time across Canada. 
Teamsters Release Recording of CN Ordering Fatigued Conductor to Work
Montréal, November 25, 2019 – Teamsters Canada today released a recording of a CN supervisor, a chief rail traffic controller (RTC), ordering a fatigued conductor to continue working for several hours. 

The chief RTC ignored pleas from the conductor, a railroader with over 30 years experience, that he and the locomotive engineer are too fatigued and are unfit to operate a train. The workers had notified CN hours earlier of their need to be relieved by another crew and to rest. The conductor ultimately did not move the train and was suspended for 14 days without pay as a result.
Negotiation Update #14
25 November 2019 - Brothers and Sisters; Your Union Negotiating team continues its attempts to actively bargain with CN, we are currently awaiting CN’s response on our update proposal. There is no progress we can report at this time.

We have issued a press release to the public which emphasizes our struggle with the Company’s refusal to acknowledge that our members get fatigued at work.    
CN Rail workers take safety concerns to Sask. legislature
A visit to the legislature by about 150 rail workers hasn't changed the stance of the Saskatchewan government that the CN Rail strike should be ended through legislation or binding arbitration "if there is a need."

The workers were in Regina for a 100th anniversary celebration of CN Rail but gathered at the legislative building Monday to raise concerns about safety and fatigue.    
Negotiation Update #13
23 November 2019 - Sisters and Brothers, As you may be aware, CN has issued several “labour negotiations updates” over the last few days.

While not surprizing, nevertheless we are disappointed someone has resorted to bargaining in public and attempting to create discontent in the Union. Their update is self-serving propaganda. Some actors within CN have a long history of not acting sincere.   
ALPA Solidarity
Saturday November 23rd 2019 -  Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) Canada President Captian Tim Perry and Chris Tho joined TCRC PLBO Chairman Russ Archibald and Vice General Chairman Ed Page on the picket line today in Brampton Ontario.

The ALPA members brought their support and pizza for our members. Thier show of solidarity was uplifting to CTY members who have been on the picket line for 5 days. The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference would like to thank Brother Perry and Brother Tho for coming out to support our fight for safety.  
Propane Shortage Appears Largely Manufactured by CN
By Teamsters Canada Montréal, November 22, 2019 – The widely reported propane shortage in Ontario and Québec appears to be largely manufactured by Canadian National Railway (CN). 
Despite the strike by members of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC), over 1,800 locomotive engineers and over 600 supervisors are free to cross picket lines and continue to operate freight trains every day. The fact that these trains are not transporting propane is a business decision by CN. 
Strike Information

Some of the outstanding issues include safety, fatigue, time off provisions and lifetime caps on benefits. While seeking these concessions, CN posted 3.8 billion in revenue for the third quarter of 2019.

Striking CN workers say they want more rest between shifts — not a pay raise

From the Star: CALGARY— If Daniel Walter wasn’t walking a picket line in Calgary, he might be at home with his wife. Or unexpectedly rushing to a job.

The life of a railroad worker is one of incredible uncertainty, according to three Calgary-based conductors on strike. All said they work on a constant “on-call” basis. Within two hours of receiving a call from their supervisor, they need to be at their assigned train — no matter the time of day or night.
Strike Begins at CN

Sisters & Brothers,

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach a deal with CN. The company remains unwilling to address our member’s heath & safety issues. As a result, CTY members at CN will be on strike at the following times:

When we have more details we will share them with the members on this page.

Group Benefits Program During CN Strike

Due to the existing situation at CN RAIL, your Union Executive have retained Canadian Benefits to provide a Health and Welfare claim service for Members and their dependents covering certain emergency services. Please read the following carefully.

Fighting for Rail Safety, Teamsters Serve Strike Notice to CN

By Teamsters Canada - Montréal, November 16, 2019 – Given a lack of progress at the bargaining table, the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) last night served notice of intent to strike to Canadian National Railway (CN). The union hopes to reach a negotiated settlement that its members can ratify, and to move forward without a service disruption.

Update #12 - Benefits & AV During a Strike or Lock-Out

This letter is to inform the membership that, during a legal strike, your day to day benefits are not covered by the Company’s benefit plans. Should it be necessary, the TCRC has purchased emergency coverage from an outside source to cover any unexpected emergency claims during this period.

Teamsters at CN Could Strike as Early as November 19

Montréal, October 28, 2019 – Members of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) at Canadian National (CN) could go on strike as early as Tuesday, November 19 at 0001.

Update #11

The instructions to members and officers contained in this circular are intended for use in preparation for a strike and to govern the conduct of a strike in the event the TCRC CTY is forced by CN Rail to withdraw our services.

Update #10

Further to Negotiation Update #9, we have been meeting with the Company in Montreal, with the assistance of four (4) Federally appointed Mediation Officers. We are no closer to a memorandum of agreement. The issues as reported in previous Negotiating Updates remain unchanged; the Company is still perusing significant changes to Conductor Only and has refused to consider our demands for improvements in wages, benefits and work rules, your work life balance.

Update #9

Further to Negotiation Update #8, we met with the Company in Montreal, for four (4) days commencing November 04, with the assistance of two (2) Federally appointed Mediation Officers. We had made what we thought was significant progress during the week, but in the end the Company broke off the talks and we seem to be no closer to a memorandum of agreement. The issues as reported in previous Negotiating Updates remain unchanged; the Company is still perusing significant changes to Conductor Only and has refused to consider our demands for improvements in wages, benefits and work rules.

Update #8

Further to Negotiation Update #7, we met with the Company in Montreal, for four (4) days commencing October 22, with the assistance of two (3) Federally appointed Mediation Officers and again have been unable to make any significant progress.