796’s Retirement Banquet

TCRC President Paul Boucher and Vice-President Ryan Finnson were able to attend Division 796’s retirement banquet on April 29th in Edmonton, Alberta.

An excellent celebration of 26 attending retirees took place at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel, which was organized by an inspiring Division Executive.

The TCRC National Executive Board offers their sincerest congratulations to the retired members and wishes the absolute best for a happy and healthy retirement! 


Stronger Together

Division Executive photo left to right:

Ed Landon – LC LE
Mike Anderson – LC Yard
Dave Gillis – Div. 796 Vice-President
Ryan Finnson – TCRC Vice-President
Paul Boucher – TCRC President
Matt Wade – Div. 796 President
Danny Hayden – LC Trainmen
Kyle Diduck – LC Yardmasters

TCRC President Paul Boucher

TCRC President Paul Boucher